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Get Your Winter Home Ready In Time For the Holiday Season

With Halloween frights and countless dozens of our pumpkin spice flavored treats behind us, we get ready to dive deep into the holiday season. And with that brings the arrival of winter and our favorite holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years and everything in between. Before our calendars end up in  disarray , let us take advantage of the gap between celebrations and get our homes ready for what the end of the year has in store.

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Prepare For Winter’s Arrival By Winterizing Outside

Though we all might anticipate the winter holiday seasons and festivities, there can certainly be conflicting emotions and responses regarding the winter weather. And depending on where you live and the climate your milage will certainly vary. Regardless of if you expect several feet of snow before year’s end or are dreaming of a white Christmas. We have all the ways to help you get your home ready and save some green!

  • Inspect Your Roof: It is thanks to all the seasonal tales we have consumed, but there is something about this time of year that makes us a bit more mindful about our rooftops. Our roofs are paramount in helping keep our homes safe, dry and temperature controlled throughout the course of the year. But the trails of the rainy season are far from the biggest headwind they encountered. Oh no, that’s the winter weather’s impact. From heavy snowfalls, ice storms and even rain, winter is the season for the most wear and tear on our roofs. To prevent leaks, or other sever damage be sure to do a thorough inspection and tend to any issues before they deepen.
  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts: If there is one outdoor task we dislike, it is cleaning the gutters. Though it is not the most pleasurable task, keeping them clean and clogged free helps prevent gutter or roof damage. And a potentially costing problem as the winter season approaches.
  • Fix Gaps In Doors and Windows: If there is one attribute to our homes that unknowingly takes a lot of usage it is our doors and windows. During the warm weather months, we enjoy the cool breeze they bring into our homes. During the winter, however, we want to make sure that they are securely closed. Inspect each of your homes’ doors and windows for any potential cracks that can bring that chilly winter air inside your toasty home.
  • Ready Your Snow Removal Equipment: If you live in climate where you expect seasonal snowfall, you might find it best to prepare as early as possible when it comes to snow removal options. Be it evaluating your snowblower to ensure it is in top form, replacing your shovels or making arrangements for other forms of snow removal. It is best to plan before you wake up in the morning to see several feet of the white, powdery substance outside.
  • Clean Your Chimney and Fireplace: When it comes to a chilly winter day there is nothing quite as pleasing as sitting under a blanket near a roaring fireplace with seasonal treats when the snow is falling outside your window. To make sure you can satisfy this ideal winter day, you are going to want to make certain that your chimney and fireplace are in working order. Before use, be sure to have your chimney along with the entirety of the fireplace thoroughly clean and inspected to ensure safety in use.
  • Service Your Heating System and Winterize Your AC Units: Winter welcomes colder temperatures than we have grown accustomed to after spending the past six months or so. Before the temperature decreases make sure to give your heating systems some much needed attention by getting them serviced to ensure top functionality. At the same time, it is equally important to take the necessary precautions to protect and prepare your air conditioning unit for its winter slumber in anticipation of summer’s future arrival.

Get Your House Winter Ready

Shorter days with colder temperatures lead  to spending more time inside our homes . After spending the past few seasons enjoying nature and being outside, we might have found ourselves neglecting some aspects of our home. And with the holiday seasons’ celebrations just a matter of weeks ahead, now is a wonderful time to get our homes organized, cleaned and ready for the holiday season!

  • Create a Game Plan: Getting your home ready for Christmas, or even just for the winter season can be overwhelming regardless of the size of your dwelling. But when you add a stark deadline on top of standard daily commitments, it can leave you ready to admit defeat before you even begin. Take a deep breath and make a list of everything you need to do and break it down by room and assign priorities. Expecting houseguests, then you might want to place your guest spaces ahead of less trafficked areas in your home like a family room in the basement. If you are hosting your family only for the day, then you might want to make sure your family spaces are at the top of the list. Make decisions based on your needs.
  • Clean, Declutter and Organize: Despite the name, there is no reason to exclusively wait for spring to do a deep “spring” cleaning. Following your plan, work room by room in your home to begin the classic cleaning three step process. Start off by decluttering each space and assigning boxes for ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ ‘throw away,’ and ‘rehome.’ From there deep clean and organize as needed. As you are cleaning, keep in mind your holiday needs and decorations.
  • Account For Seasonal Decorations: After cleaning your home and having some extra space now is a wonderful time to bring out all your festive home goods and to take account of your seasonal decorations. It is time to start the fun of getting your home holiday ready and enjoy decking your halls with your treasured items and get into the seasonal spirit. From hanging wreaths, bringing out your Christmas tree, to stringing lights everywhere, the fun truly has begun.
  • Look For Potential Fire Hazards: The winter season and the holiday festivities are a fun time for everyone. But there are some heightened dangers to be aware of. According to data provided by American Red Cross, home fires increase in the winter with the highest number appearing in the months of December and January. There are a lot of potential factors that can contribute to the increased likelihood of an accident occurring that are adjacent to our winter behaviors. Though fires are a usual form of accident, there are means of which we can be aware and take preventive measures. Examining our Christmas lights for any signs of damage, keeping the trees away from heat sources. Checking our electronic wiring, being mindful of the space between flammable items like heaters and being aware of the usage of candles accomplished by checking our fire alarms and extinguishers can help us prevent any potential danger.
  • Prepare For Winter Storms: Winter weather differs depending on where you reside. But regardless, you are going to want to prepare for the unexpected. From things like ensuring you have enough food, medicine, and supplies on hand in case you are unable to travel. You never know how winter weather might affect you, so it is best to make sure you have your emergency supplies on hand in the event you find yourself snowed in.
  • Prune Your Greenery: Or, well they were green until a few weeks ago. In preparation for the change in the weather, be sure to spend time outside assessing potential branches and limbs that could be susceptible to heavy winter ice and snow that could knock down powerlines, or hit your home, car or even yourself.


Make Your Holiday Home Ready for House Guests

For many, the best aspect of the winter season is the holidays. From the bright and eye-catching decorations, the delicious seasonal dishes, to spending quality time with family and friends; it is no wonder why this is such a highly regarded time of year. And as it is such a time for gathering with loved ones it is likely that you might be expecting guests . From Christmas celebrations to longer festivities like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or commemorating the incoming New Year, there is a lot of excitement to be had, plus an increase in your home’s foot traffic.

Though as much as we enjoy and cherish these moments, we must attest to the great amount of work we must do to ensure a pleasurable stay for our loved ones as we enjoy our favorite seasonal delights.

  • Inspect Guest Areas: Everyone knows the saying; ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ That same logic can be applied to our homes, or in this case our guest rooms. More so when they have become storage centers. Be sure to check for any damage or cracks in windows, any potential odors, ventilation issues or other visible damage. If any are apparent, you will want to address them before your guests’ arrival.
  • Prepare Guest Rooms or Sleeping Spaces: After spending time traveling, there is nothing like taking solace in resting. If your houseguests are traveling far, you can guarantee that they will  anticipate resting. Arranging freshly laundered bedding, extra blankets, and additional towels will be a welcoming delight to your guests. And bonus points if you have the home internet password written down as well.
  • Make Room For Guest’s Items: Regardless of if your guest is staying for a couple of days, or a week or more you are going to want to make sure they have space to home their personal belongings. From having a place to tuck away their luggage, to having space to hang clothing and a location to charge devices is important to make sure they have the space they need to relax and feel welcome.
  • Stock Your Kitchen: Consider what items you need for planned meals, additional drinks, or snacks for you and your guests. Chances are you are going to want to make sure you have a full supply of all your must-have and even favorite go-to food items. With costs of food remaining high, this can put you into a financial headwind. So, you will want to remain flexible about where you shop to get the best deals, shop in bulk for lower prices or opt for more cost-effective options.
  • Keep Entertainment and Activities On Hand: Remember how we mentioned the always looming potential to find yourself snowed in? It is far from a secret that those types of things can happen at the drop of a hat. So, in the event your plans go off-course, be sure to have some fun back-up plans handy. From beloved board games, seasonal flicks, or even scrapbooking supplies. Plan ahead with things you and your loved ones enjoy in the event of sudden changes.

Easy Winter House Prep Items That Slip Our Minds

When it comes to winter’s arrival, there always seems to be a never-ending list of tasks we need to check off our list before we can dive into the fun that is  holiday preparations. As we rush around getting our homes ready for festivities, expected houseguests, and the looming winter weather there are some things that can slip our minds when we are working on getting our houses winter ready.

  • Remain Mindful About Your Car Health: Though it is important to be aware of your car’s state, it is not a strictly seasonal concern. Each season presents potential issues, which includes winter. Winter weather can cause havoc in your car. From freezing temperatures affecting your battery, cracked windshields, or braking issues to name a few. It is best to not only remain mindful of your car’s functions, but also take initiative to address vehicle concerns quickly. Be certain to continue regular maintenance and watch for signs of things going amiss.
  • Keep A Cold Weather Emergency Kit In Your Car: Following the last point, winter weather is unpredictable. You never know if you might find yourself in an undesirable situation during the wintry weather months. Always expect the unexpected and prepare an emergency kit in your car for this season. Include extra clothing, blankets, flashlights, a winter shovel, and first aid kit among other items you deem necessary should you find yourself stuck in the cold and snow.
  • Curtains Are Your Best Friend: Regardless of if you are in favor of the wintery, powdery substance covering the ground or not, here is something nostalgic about looking out your window at the snow covering the world around you. There are endless benefits of having your windows exposed, but in the wintertime those benefits can come at a cost. As much heat does escape though doors and windows, having uncovered windows can send the heat from your warm and cozy house out the window- literally! Keep your home toasty and cost effective by hanging curtains over your windows to keep your home well insulated.
  • Evaluate Your Fire Prevention Items: It is standard practice to swap out batteries in your fire detectors following the time change. It is equally important to make sure we are evaluating them to ensure they work effectively. As you are swapping the batteries, be sure to perform a test to verify their functionality. As you are checking your fire detectors, it is also ideal to check the expiration date of any fire extinguishers as well.
  • Wrap Your Hot Water Pipes: There is nothing more joyous than having hot water wash over you after venturing outside. To make sure you can melt away your winter chills be sure to give your hot water pipes a little extra care. By wrapping your pipes with insulation, you can help prevent potential heat loss.


Get Your Home Holiday Ready Without A Money Mayday®

Winter is a season full of enchantment as the world around us makes us feel as if we are strolling through the streets of our favorite seasonal tales. As we anticipate reacquainting with these types of stories, enjoying all the holiday season has to offer and the quality time with our loved ones. Getting ready for the new season’s arrival can be taxing with an extended list of things to do.

From getting your house prepared for wintry weather by cleaning gutters to  readying your home  for holiday houseguests and everything in between; it can leave you- and  your wallet feeling deflated.

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DIY Not Sufficient? We Can Help

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