Fraud & Security

You trust Check Into Cash with your personal and financial information, and we take that seriously. From our opening day on June 21, 1993, we’ve worked tirelessly to keep your information safe and secure. That said, protecting your data is best done as a joint effort with you.


Your Money, Safe and Secure

Here at Check Into Cash, protecting your data is a top priority, and this is best done as a joint effort with you. On this page, we will cover steps you can take to protect your identity and help prevent becoming a victim of fraud.


Identify Debt-Collecting Scams

Scam artists pose as Check Into Cash or other legitimate lenders in an effort to take your hard-earned cash. Fortunately, they can be identified if you know what to look for.


In Your Inbox and Mailbox

Like fraudulent debt-collection phone calls, written scams often make threats of legal action and attempt to make you pay immediately. However, other signs indicate that written correspondence is fraudulent, including:


  • Threats to seize your wages and inform your employer of the alleged debts
  • Sender email addresses unaffiliated with Check Into Cash (may be affiliated with AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Fake case numbers and unpaid debt amounts of which you have no record

On the Phone

Fraudulent phone calls are often marked by:


  • Phone number from overseas or very similar to your own phone number
  • Caller won’t provide specific information concerning the supposed debt
  • Caller claims you must pay alleged debt immediately
  • Caller is aggressive or rude, possibly threatening legal or criminal action

Loan Scams

If you receive an email or letter from scammers purporting to represent “Webster Law Firm,” do not respond to the email or letter and give us a call at 1-800-504-9101 to report it. We may ask you for additional information regarding the email or letter.

Scam artists may claim to represent Check Into Cash or state that they work for a business of which Check Into Cash is the parent company. These individuals request customers perform certain tasks to secure a loan.

This may include sending funds via Western Union® or MoneyGram®, loading funds onto Green Dot Visa® Debit Cards, purchasing money orders, or prepaying fees.

For maximum effect, scammers’ communication may include Check Into Cash’s official logo and mailing address. Check Into Cash warns customers against such fraud.

One example of a known debt collection scam is an email that appears to be sent from and generally is sent from an individual with an “outlook,” “gmail” or other generic email address.

The email appears to blind copy potential scam victims.  Sometimes the email contains a “Webster Law Firm” logo. The scammers list the alleged creditor as “Check into Cash,” may mention “Check into Cash Services Company” and allege “proceedings” against the potential scam victim.

This is a scam. Do not respond to this email or contact the sender or pay any money to this scammer. If you have questions about a previous or current account you have with Check into Cash, call us toll-free at 1-800-504-9101.

Be Alert

Ever received unexpected communication from Check Into Cash? Before giving information over the phone or in a letter or email, contact the Check Into Cash Fraud Department at or call 1 800-504-9101.


What Can You Do?

If you suspect fraudulent debt-collection communication, don’t provide personal or financial information to these individuals. Instead, take the following steps.

Step 1

Contact your financial institution and the Check Into Cash Fraud Department at or call: 1 800-504-9101.

Step 2

Review credit card and bank statements for any unauthorized charges.

Step 3

Seek a free credit report, if available, and review it. Set a fraud alert on your credit report if you fear potential tampering.

Step 4

Report the fraud to your local law enforcement.

Step 5

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

By staying alert and contacting Check Into Cash when you suspect fraud, you help us protect your financial and personal information.

Check Into Cash Fraud Department


FTC Fake Debt Collectors

Stay alert for scam artists posing as debt collectors. Learn how to spot a potential fraud and how to stay safe here.

FTC Identity Theft

If you feel you’ve been a victim of identity theft, file a report with the FTC. Visit for more information.

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