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Money Mayday®, Count on Check Into Cash

Navigating money and finance has never been easy, and despite what some might say, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. By now we all are well acquainted with the seemingly endless and commonplace financial advice. How if we skip buying coffee in the mornings, we will be able to afford costly purchases like a house among other testaments.

Sure, skipping grabbing food to-go from restaurants and coffee shops can help you reduce spending. But in today’s world, we face increasing inflation and price hikes in every aspect of our daily lives. It’s not always the solution.

Sometimes each and every one of us needs a helping hand that we can depend on when life hurls an unexpected expense our way. At Check Into Cash, we understand that life happens. And after proudly serving our communities for three decades, we have gained the knowledge and experience to help you face whatever financial headwind life has sent your way. With our array of smart money solutions, we are confident that !


Your Check Into Cash Loan For Your Life

Just as no two people are alike, no two financial situations are similar either. What could be a short-term obstacle for one person, might be a larger scale problem that can’t be resolved as quickly for another. With that in mind, as Your One Stop Money Shop®, we are dedicated to helping you find a loan to fit your life and your financial needs.

Check Into Cash offers a wide range of smart money solutions. Like…


Payday Loans

There are a lot of things that might come to mind when you hear our name, perhaps one of the first is our classic payday loans. Payday loans, also known as short-term loans, or cash advances, among other names, are just as the name implies: A short-term lending option to help you bridge the gap between paydays.

There is no feeling quite like payday, and with these small-dollar loans you can get that feeling any day of the week. These mighty, but powerful loans can help you alleviate sudden financial pinches like needing extra cash to pay a sudden and unexpected bill increase, covering some additional childcare costs, or helping give you that extra breathing room you need between pay checks.

Not sure a payday loan is enough to help you overcome your money mayday®? Check in to even more savvy money solutions that can help when you need a little extra.


Flex Line of Credit

At Check Into Cash, we are always looking for ways to help you go the extra mile. And there is no loan quite like a flex line of credit. Acting like a credit card, a flex line of credit provides you with a credit limit of up to $4,000 that you can use as you need when you need it. And with preestablished  monthly minimum payment these are easily manageable loans.

The best part? If you find yourself needing extra money even after borrowing some, you can get additional draws from your available funds up to the credit limit.

You can see why we call this ‘flex’, right? A flex line of credit from Check Into Cash is an adaptable loan for your busy and on-the-go lifestyle. Since you can get additional funds as needed up to your credit limit, they are great when faced with ongoing expenses or occurrences with longer and unpredictable timelines. Such as requiring some extra funding to pay for medical expenses like ongoing dental work, help subsidize some short-term hour reductions, of helping pay for seasonal daycare.

The ability to borrow funds when you need them and how much you require with a flex line of credit loan truly allows you more control. A incredible financial solution that can help you navigate any types of money mayday® that come to pass.


Installment Loan

Suppose you are requiring more funds than a payday loan allots, but you need a larger amount in a single lump sum rather than overtime. The option: an installment loan.

Similar to that of the flex line of credit, an installment loan can offer you a larger amount of funding when you need it most. With installment loans ranging up to $5,000, you can get funds when you need them- regardless of your payday. And with a longer repayment term, it is often viewed as an optimal way of funding life’s planned and unplanned expenses.

From a smart way to help consolidate debt, helping in covering the costs for a , to helping to make important improvements in your home. There are so many ways that the installment loan proves a handy and helpful money solution.


Title Loan/Pawn

In our experience, we know that there is a difference between everyday financial needs, and a money mayday® where one might be faced with sudden and unexpected expenses. A major money mayday® can leave you feeling overwhelmed when faced with a highly costly challenge that requires your swift response.

A major money mayday® could be anything from a sudden and unexpected move, to tending to extensive medical bills, or facing requiring major home repairs such as roof replacement. These factors are unquestionably stressful and can cause havoc on any wallet and budget.

But with Check Into Cash on your side you can stress less and get the financial aid you need with our title loans or pawns. Title loans/pawns use your vehicle’s clear title as collateral to help you get a larger lump sum of funds you need based on the current value of your vehicle. Depending on your state, you can easily drive away with up to $25,000 to help tend to whatever headwind you are facing. The best part? You can keep driving your vehicle as you make payments.


Your Check Into Cash Loan Awaits

Often, there is no way to foresee or anticipate when life might send us into a money mayday® and require us to seek out a helping hand. But when that happens, you can rely on Check Into Cash to help you navigate any financial obstacle you might encounter. With our wide range of savvy money solutions for short-term and long-term assistance, we are confident that a loan is right for you is near.

We are pleased to offer our expertise and excellent customer service to assist you.


How Do I Get Started?

With hundreds of convenient locations across the nation, it’s easy to find a Check Into Cash location nearest you. Once you find your local Check Into Cash you can get started with our loan application process!


What Do I Need To Apply?

To get started with our loan application process, please be sure to bring along the following items:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your government-issued photo ID or driver's license
  • Proof of open and active checking account
  • Proof of income
  • Clear Title and Vehicle (if applicable)

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