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Life happens, and sometimes you need money now. When you are looking for smart financial solutions, Check Into Cash is Your One Stop Money Shop®. We offer financial solutions and cash services for all your money needs.

You may know us for our wide array of smart loan options, including payday loansinstallment loansflex line of credits, or title loans. But did you know we offer convenient money services as well?

With hundreds of Check Into Cash locations across the country, you are sure to find one of our stores near you. No matter how far you may venture from home, you can count on our excellent team members and our wide array of money services to help you find the right financial solution!

Sell Us Your Gift Cards

Get Some Extra Cash for Your Gift Cards

Finding extra cash can put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. You may have extra cash tucked away in drawers or taking up space in your wallet in the form of unused gift cards.

Turn your unused gift cards into cash.

Don’t let that plastic Linger. Selling gift cards has never been more convenient than at Your One Stop Money Shop®.

Check Cashing

Turn Your Check in to Cash With Check Cashing

Life doesn’t always fit into banking hours when you need to cash a check. Banks can also make the process more difficult with hold times, fees and high penalties. When you need money now, you can feel like you’re on the edge of a Money Mayday®!

Where can you cash a check? Check Into Cash!

We cash two-party checks, government checks, payroll checks, and personal checks. With our weekend and extended hours, we can turn your check into cash on your schedule.

Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card

Your On-The-Go Friend

Life is busy and you can’t slow down. Get a Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card to make purchases, handle daily expenses, or use it for that upcoming birthday gift.

Power your purchase with a Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card.

A Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card is great for travel too. Use it wherever Visa® cards are accepted! Reload your funds and avoid carrying cash and high ATM fees on the road. Be ready for your next big adventure - even if that is only a trip around town for errands.

Pay Bills

Walk-In Bill Payment Center at Your Local Check Into Cash

Navigating finances can be challenging, especially when you are faced with numerous bill payment platforms, online portals, and passwords. With our bill payment service you can pay all your bills at once. From water companies to your Verizon phone bill, we will help you pay all your bills!

Pay all your bills at one convenient location!

At Check Into Cash, we make money matters convenient with smart money solutions like our one-stop bill payment service.

Western Union® Money Orders

Purchasing Money Orders Made Convenient

Do you need to pay for something now but don’t have checks on hand? Wiring funds not an option? Check Into Cash has you covered with another smart payment solution: money orders!

Send and pay local.

With money orders, you can safely send or deliver funds to pay your bills, rent, or even home repairs with ease.

Western Union® Money Transfer

You Travel Safely. So Should Your Money, With Western Union

As kids, getting cash in the mail was a delight, but as adults, we know that it isn’t the safest way to send money- especially when Western Union services can be found at your local Check Into Cash!

Near Or Far, Send Money Without Concern

Your One Stop Money Shop® has you covered when it comes to sending funds to the loved ones in your life. Whether it’s going across your state, or the globe, our smart money service lets you send funds anywhere to anyone.

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