Spring Into Inexpensive Things To Do This Spring!

There is no greater appeal than that of the much-anticipated arrival of the springtime season after a long and extensive winter season. The warmer temperatures and better weather conditions, plus the increasing daylight hours, everyone can certainly feel the excitement of spring fever descending.

From that growing desire to spend more time outside, the excitement that sparks our desire for adventure, to simply forgoing our winter wear. Spring fever signals a change both external and internal that prompts us to change our daily routines. Your wallet and finances might not be as well-prepared for that big outdoor adventure you are musing about.

Then, what do you do when you are craving spring things, but your wallet isn’t? You stress less and count on Check Into Cash to have money solutions available for you. This time we are here, with a budget-friendly guide for all spring things fun that will cure your spring fever cravings and keep your wallet in the green.


Spring Into Smart Money Solutions

Though there are many inexpensive things to do in the springtime that are light on our budgets. We are still likely to need some financial assistance. And Check Into Cash has smart money solutions that will lead you to bright spring days.

Spring fever makes us want to soak up the sun and enjoy nature. That means making the most of our time, often leading us to not being able to access banking services during business hours. At Check Into Cash, we have hours that fit your busy schedule. Like our always trusty check cashing services. Why wait for your check to clear to access your money when you need it. At Check Into Cash, you can walk out with cash following your visit. *

Not wanting to carry around cash? Or maybe you need to make some online purchases? We have just the smart money solution for you; say hello to your spring-time adventure friend, a Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card! Purchase a card and load or deposit the funds you need and use them wherever Visa® is accepted. *


Spring Into Inexpensive Fun This Season

There are a lot of things we associate with the springtime season. The change in the weather, green grass and leaves, the blooming of flowers, and perhaps even the often-anticipated spring break.

Spring break is often the first thing we think of when we start to muse over springtime fun. Though this break away from our daily routines is something to look forward to, it’s not the only time during this season we can take a break and enjoy ourselves. Spring, just like the other seasons, has its own unique charm and delights to enjoy and use as the backdrop to what is sure to be lasting and impactful memories.

Even with our tight wallets and firm budgets, there are endless ways to find spring activities to do that will provide inexpensive things to do that are fun and that will keep your finances in check.

Enjoy Nature’s Wonders

After spending months lodged inside our homes, it’s only natural to feel the overwhelming urge to flock outside and spend time under the spring day sun. And with the Earth reawakening around us, there is so much to enjoy and appreciate. So, grab your loved ones and enjoy some inexpensive things to do outside in spring, such as:


  • Picnics In The Park: What could be more synonymous with a classic springtime day than having a picnic in the park? And it’s a cheap fun pastime that never bores as there is so much room for creativity and variation regarding setting themes for your excursion, food selection and even location. Looking for something out of the box? Why not modify your picnic around your favorite novel or series? Make homemade decorations and create tasty treats befitting your story’s setting. Be it a picnic inspired by the classic tales of Alice in Wonderland where you offer tea and sweets, to a who-did-it mystery festivity inspired by our favorite sleuths.
  • Plan and Plant Your Own Home Garden: Gardening has always been a popular springtime hobby that brings out the green thumb in us. Though there are many reasons why one might find themselves taking up this hobby, there are actually some health benefits to this as well. Including increase in exercise, obtaining vitamin D, and even lowering stress as you connect with nature. Not only is gardening a relaxing hobby with hidden health perks, but it’s also cost-effective as you are likely to be able to add your garden’s bounty into your meals.
  • Capture Mother Earth’s Beauty: Another popular hobby with an extensive history is that of photography. What once required an array of pricey equipment can now be done by the cameras within our phones. And with our cameras always on us wherever we go, why not make the most of the beautiful backdrop that is nature and capture its beauty. You may want to capture images of the sunrise, venture to local parks and natural wonders, or simply doing a impromptu photo shoot by a vivid garden. These inexpensive spring activities can create hours of fun and memories without having to spend any additional money.
  • Get Inspired By Green: Nature isn’t only a great object or backdrop for photography, it’s also a great source of inspiration for other creative endeavors. With all the bright hues of the world returning after their slumber, there might be no better source of artistic inspiration. From drawing, painting or even music, why not allow yourself to explore your creative side as you venture outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season to propel you to develop some creative projects.
  • Venture Into Spring Adventures: Spring brings us warmer temperatures and weather that allows us to explore our world outside once more. So why not make most of the ideal springtime weather by enjoying nature and getting active? Be it bringing out your bike for a ride along a trail, taking a hike in the woods or even going on a short camping trip. There are so many fun spring activities that are cheap things to do, but highly enjoyable.

Fun Inexpensive Things to Do On Rainy Days

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ Though we often think of spring as a time of year with brisk mornings that make way for warmer afternoons, and the shedding of layers. It is also a time of year filled with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.

On those days, as one can assume, our trusty outside cheap things to do in spring aren’t possible. However, not all seasonal fun is lost, as there are just as many cost-effective things to do to wade out those rainy spring days.


  • Tap Into Community Events: There is a lot to love about our local communities. Not only are they unique, but they offer up their specialties, including our favorite and beloved local events. From the return of farmer’s markets and fairs to festivals and other gatherings and celebrations. There is always something fun going on around us. So, what better way to fill a spring weekend day than with inexpensive things to enjoy our community delights. Be that participating in local cleanup projects or to joining a local spring sport team, there are endless opportunities for fun.
  • Seasonal Garden and Home Shows: Spring is a season brimming with inspiration. That can also in part be thanks to all the seasonal events such as garden and home shows that occur during the spring season. These shows feature innovative ways to tackle home projects, showcase products and offer up helpful advice to help you take on projects or start new and exciting DIYs.
  • Enroll in Classes or Workshops: Spring often serves as the signal of new chapters and beginnings. Perhaps that makes it no better time than to start something new by enrolling in some form of classes or workshops. It may be that learning a new skill set to help you upsell yourself, learning how to cook more than your staple dishes, or even taking on a new hobby such as playing an instrument. There are endless possibilities of what you might aspire to take, in either a physical or online capacity, with ranging levels of commitment. As well as price range. With so many options at your disposal, you are certain to find something perfectly suited for you.
  • Tackle Interior DIYs: When we think of home projects in the spring season, we are often quick to form an association with tackling various projects and even repairs to our home’s exterior. And often after a long winter season, those feats are well past due and require our attention. Though we might find ourselves more occupied with those tasks, there is a greater likelihood that we might not pay as much mind to our home projects inside our homes. Rainy days are great opportunities to do those minor inside home projects and DIYs you have been waiting to test out.
  • Enjoy Art Events and Attractions: Finding yourself seeking a bit of excitement as the weather provides a gray backdrop? Why not liven things up by venturing out and enjoying art in its various forms? From exploring local art events like exhibitions and craft fairs, to visiting local museum’s new exhibitions, to perhaps even attending a local production. There are so many fun activities that begin this time of year, and the best part is that they come at all different price points, so you can find low-cost ways to enjoy a rainy spring day.


Spring Into Seasonal Fun With Check Into Cash By Your Side

“Spring is the time of plans and projects,’ Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina.

For some, spring is merely a stop-over season until the arrival of summertime. At the same time, for some spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. Regardless of your stance on this time of year, there is plenty of fun to be had when you are on a budget. Today we covered a few inexpensive things to do, but there are definitely more.

Regardless if the spring days ahead are filled with rain showers or sunlight rays, you can always count on Check Into Cash to offer up savvy money solutions to help you put a spring in your step. From our adventure ready Green Dot® Visa® Debit Card, to our reliable check cashing services. We have a money solution for you.

*Rules and fees apply, see store for details.

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