5 Quick Tips for Planning a Budget Graduation Party

Students deserve a celebration. They study hard, spending long hours on homework and research. Once they’ve passed all their exams and the spring semester winds down, the only thing left is to graduate! And that calls for a graduation celebration… on a budget, of course.

Ready to celebrate your 2023 graduate, but not sure where to start? There are plenty of ways to show your love and support for high school and college graduates without breaking the bank.

Here are five quick tips for throwing an epic graduation party on a budget:

01. Host at a Low-Cost Venue

There’s no need to rent a fancy party hall or extravagant venue when you can host at your own – or someone else’s – home or backyard! This low-budget option is great for graduates who want to enjoy celebrating amongst their families in their own homes. Also, consider going to your local park and utilizing picnic tables or the park’s pavilion. There’s nothing better than a backyard barbeque to celebrate a graduate’s hard work. Don’t forget the BBQ sauce!

02. You Don’t Need Decorations

An advantage of hosting the party outside is there’s no need for decorations due to the natural beauty already around you. If you do host inside, consider re-purposing items to use as decorations. Skip the balloons and confetti. Instead, have an old baby photo of the special graduate lying around somewhere? Bring it to the party to use as a decoration and a talking piece for guests. Round up more photos of the big grad to take a walk down memory lane in celebration of this important milestone.

03. Co-host the Event

Have two or more members of the family graduating at the same time? What about a long-time best friend that is graduating too? Consider co-hosting the party so you can split the costs. If both graduates have a similar guest list, hosting a joint party makes sense. It even splits up the work between two or more families so no one feels stressed during this exciting time!

04. Serve Finger Foods

Sometimes, large portions of food at parties can go untouched for a variety of reasons. There’s no need to plan out a full menu or go overboard with a three-course meal. Instead, consider serving some of your graduate’s favorite snacks and serve them to guests. This way, if you do end up with leftovers, it’s something your graduate will actually eat and enjoy in the days ahead. Plus, who doesn’t love snacking?

05. Bake Your Own Cake

Want a fun and creative way to save money on a graduation cake? Skip the high-end bakery and challenge your graduate to bake the cake themselves. Give them complete control over the flavors and encourage them to decorate however they want. Otherwise, try a cheaper alternative by baking a batch of cupcakes using a box mix, but replacing the water measurements with whole milk and adding an extra egg or two. It’ll give that same fancy bakery taste!

No matter what you decide to do, your graduate will surely have a fun time being celebrated. After all, that’s what graduation season it’s all about, right?

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