How to Prepare for Autumn | A Fall Checklist

Colder weather is coming. It’s that time of year where the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Days get shorter and the temperature drops, too. Ahhhh, yes, fall is in the air. While crisp, these temperatures won’t last long. In fact, now is the time to prepare for autumn and the cold winter ahead.

Fall has finally arrived at our doorstep. Are you and your home ready for the cold-weather months ahead? Follow this easy fall checklist to prepare for autumn.


Get Your Yard in Order

As we mentioned before, this moderate fall weather won’t last for long. Before we know it, temperatures will drop as frigid air blows in from the north. So, now’s the best time to tackle your yard work to prepare for autumn.  

1. Rake, Rake, Rake

Leaves will fall. And then they’ll fall some more. It’s the season for raking leaves. Not only is raking a fun family activity, but removing fallen leaves helps your lawn to breathe, prevents fungus growth, and paves the way for healthy grass growth next spring. If you’re bagging leaves, make sure to collect them in paper bags. This way, the bags, along with the leaves, will decompose naturally at the landfill. Or better yet, use your leaves to make your own compost. You can even shred them so they decompose faster.  

2. Clean the Gutters

With leaves falling, they’re bound to land on your roof. Then eventually, they make their way into your gutters and may create a blockage. If you’re expecting snowfall in your area, make sure your gutters are clean. Remove any debris so melting snow can make its way to the ground without any obstruction.  

3. Cover or Store Outdoor Furniture

Sure, outdoor furniture is made to weather the elements. However, it’s a good idea to take these items into storage for the winter. This will significantly increase the life of your outdoor furniture. Don’t have a place to store outdoor furniture? Simply cover your items with a tarp or insulated coverings to help prepare for autumn.  

Weatherize Your Home

With cold weather coming soon, you’ll want to make sure your home stays nice and cozy during the winter months ahead.

4. Seal up the Cracks

In older homes and buildings, you may find some air leaks around windows and doors. These cracks allow your precious warm air to escape. Visit a hardware store nearby for an easy solution to seal up those air leaks.  

5. Wrap Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can become a huge headache and expense. If your home has exposed plumbing, wrap it with insulation as you prepare for autumn. Cap exterior water faucets with Styrofoam covers from your local hardware store to protect your pipes from future freezing temperatures.  

6. Check the Exterior

Examine your home’s exterior for cracks and gaps. Not only do these cracks allow cold air inside, but they also invite mice and small animals to enter. These little guys need to stay warm too, so they may end up in your attic or basement through these small holes. Cover cracks and gaps as best as possible.  

Test Your Heating Devices

Don’t wait until it’s freezing outside to test your home’s heating. As you prepare for autumn, make sure your heating devices are in working order and ready to warm your home.  

7. Have the Furnace Inspected

Your furnace has been dormant for months through spring and summer. So before temperatures plummet, it’s a good idea to test your furnace to make sure it’s in proper working order. Call a professional if necessary before they’re all booked up for winter.  

8. Clean the Chimney

Just like your furnace, your chimney hasn’t been used since last winter. You may want to clean your chimney before lighting your first fire. Make sure there’s nothing obstructing your chimney flue. When in doubt, call an expert.  

9. Gather Firewood

As you’re raking the yard, gather fallen branches for firewood. Inspect your trees for dead branches and cut them if they’re a hazard to your home; they’ll make nice firewood for winter. Otherwise, stock up on hardwood before snowfall starts.  

Take Out Your Linens

It’s time to bundle up! Plus, everyone enjoys a few festive fall decorations.  

10. Bring out the Blankets

Break out your heavy fleece throws and thick winter quilts. Since they’ve been in storage all year long, you may want to give them a good wash and let them air dry out in the autumn breeze.  

11. Fall Flannel Sheets

Along with heavy blankets, bust out those warm flannel sheets, too. By snuggling up with multiple blankets in your sleep, you may be able to bump the thermostat a bit lower each night, thus saving on utility costs.  

12. Warm Winter Clothes

Prepare for autumn with your favorite fall fashion. Get your boots, beanies, and gloves ready. Make sure all your winter wear still fits from last year. Stock up on extra socks and scarves, too.

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