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2020 Tech Update: New Holiday Electronics + Budget Alternatives

Tom Hartford, Senior Editor

November 20th, 2020

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Holiday season has arrived. And as you know, all the major retailers are promoting their huge holiday sales. This year, Black Friday has expanded beyond a one-day-only sale. Most stores are hosting month-long savings, both in stores and online.

At the same time, major electronics brands announced their much-anticipated products just in time for the holidays. At the top of the list are smartphones and gaming consoles.

It’s tough to stay up to date on the latest and greatest, so we’ve rounded up a few new holiday electronics to expect this year along with budget alternatives.

2020 Tech Update Hundred Dollar Bills with Gaming Console Remote Controller


It’s Smartphone Season


iPhone 12 Pro

All eyes are on Apple this holiday season as they unveiled the latest additions to their smartphone lineup. The most impressive release is the iPhone 12 Pro.

This new iPhone generation features 5G connectivity, a camera with three lenses, an ultra-fast A14 processor, and much, much more. In fact, this new iPhone model is as much a professional camera as it is a smartphone. It’s the first mobile device to shoot video in Dolby Vision— that’s the same technology used to make movies. Wow.

And of course, these show-stopping features come with a whopping price tag.


Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung’s most anticipated phone of the holiday season is the Galaxy S20 series.

Again, this smartphone is renowned for its high-functioning camera. With three lenses, 100x zoom, 108 Megapixels, and the ability to shoot video in 8K, this smartphone is unprecedented. Plus, you can also play XBOX games from the new Samsung Galaxy S20, too.

And just like the iPhone, Samsung’s new holiday electronics are pretty pricey.


New Motorola Razr

This one is a blast from the past. Remember those Razr flip phones that were so popular back in 2005? Well, they’re back. The new Motorola Razr has a folding touchscreen. That’s right. A folding touchscreen.

Its camera is perfect for endless selfies, along with longer battery life and fast charging functionality. Still, this phone is priced comparably to the iPhone and Samsung showstoppers mentioned above.


A Budget Alternative: The iPhone SE

If you’ve got your heart set on a smartphone this holiday season, but the latest and greatest new holiday electronics are too pricey, consider the iPhone SE.

This tried and tested smartphone is fast with its A13 processor and speedy Wi-Fi connectivity. The camera has a portrait mode for sweet selfies, a crisp HD display, AND it’s water resistant.

The best part? Well, there are two things to celebrate here. First, the iPhone SE still has a home button (a feature many folks enjoy). Second, the iPhone SE costs about half as much as the newest iPhone 12 model.


Get Your Game On


Xbox Series X

On November 10, Microsoft released the next edition to its new holiday electronics lineup: The Xbox Series X. This machine has a powerful processor, top-notch graphics with 8K resolution, and 1 TB of storage. It’s also backward compatible with most games, so older Xbox games should work just fine.

Of course, you’ll be able to play all the other Xbox-exclusive games on this new system. Plus, you can now stream games from the cloud straight onto your Android phone. How cool is that?



If you’re a PlayStation fan instead, no worries. Sony released their new PS5 on November 12 just in time for holiday season. This machine also has powerful processing, stellar graphics, and 825 GB of storage. It’s also backward compatible for the most part.

Plus, the PS5 has a brand-new controller that helps you feel like you’re actually in the game. And it can be connected with the PlayStation VR headset for a sweet virtual reality experience. You can stream games from the cloud on this device as well.


A Budget Alternative: The Nintendo NES

If the new Xbox Series X or PS5 isn’t your style, or you’re looking for something more affordable, you still have options when it comes to new holiday electronics.

One option is the Nintendo NES. At a fraction of the price of the other consoles, you can play those classic Nintendo games that were popular years ago. It’s nostalgic and super fun for youngsters and the young at heart, too.


A Budget Alternative: PlayStation Classic

Another budget alternative is the PlayStation Classic. This small console packs a big punch with 20 pre-loaded games to help you reminisce on the glory days of gaming. It’s also much less costly than its new PS5 cousin, but still just as much fun.


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