Summertime Family Fun Jumping Into a Pool with Floaties On

13 Easy Ideas for Summertime Family Fun

Everyone deserves their share of summertime family fun. There’s nothing quite like spending quality time together, making memories to last a lifetime. Plus, at the end of the day, it’s the simplest ideas and activities that have the biggest impact. Think about it. What are some of your favorite childhood memories? More than likely, a few of your greatest times were probably just ordinary family activities. There’s no need for elaborate vacations at 5-star summer resorts to make memories. Instead, you just need a bit of togetherness, laughter, and a few easy ideas mentioned below.

It’s time for family fun in the sun. Searching for ways to make lasting memories? Look no further. We’ve pulled together 13 easy ideas for summertime family fun.

Stay Cool Indoors


1. Start a Movie Marathon

Let’s just say 2020 is the year for movie marathons. With quarantine still the safest option, you’ve probably watched more movie marathons this summer than you care to admit. But still, it’s a great option to keep everyone entertained. Pick a few family comedies, pop some popcorn, and let the laughs begin. Want to make it even more fun? Mute the audio. Then let everyone take a turn acting out a new storyline.  

2. Home Improvement Store Workshops

Did you know your local home improvement stores have summer workshops for kids? Chain stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot, along with your local hardware stores, often have community programs to keep kids busy as they build and learn new skills. Make sure to check with your nearest home improvement store to see how quarantine has impacted these activities.  

3. Paper Airplane Contest

This may be the easiest idea for summertime family fun we could find. Have a paper airplane contest. It’ll bring out the competitive sides of everyone in the house. Start by researching a few best practices. This opens a quick and educational lesson on aerodynamics, gravity, and physics. As always, YouTube never fails. Then, have each family member construct their best paper airplane. Give small awards for farthest flight, most hangtime, coolest design, and (of course) ugliest plane, too.  

Have Fun Outdoors


4. Plan a Picnic

Another easy idea for summertime family fun— plan a picnic. But this time, pack everyone’s favorite type of sandwich. There’s chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly, ham, turkey, egg, the list goes on and on! Then, venture to an outdoor area you’ve never been to. Think about the parks nearby. Have you really spent time there, or do you just drive past them every day?  

5. Take a Hike

Depending on your area, you can find a few nice hiking spots for the entire family to enjoy. Most trails are free and well-traveled. Here are a few things to remember:
  • Bring water
  • Make sure to find an easy trail
  • Wear the right shoes
  • Don’t forget snacks
  • Know the area
  • Bring a cell phone

6. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Combine this activity with the one mentioned above for the ultimate summertime family fun activity. Put together a nature scavenger hunt. Split up into groups. Have each team compete to see who can gather the most items. Use your imagination here. Dig for worms, search for flowers of a certain color, or find odd-shaped leaves. But whatever you do, PLEASE avoid the Poison Ivy!  

If You’ve Got a Backyard


7. Slip ‘n Slide

The best way to beat the heat is with a backyard slip ‘n slide. Sure, you can buy one. But you can also easily create your own. All you need is a tarp and some soap and water. Make sure you’ve got enough area to run, jump, and slide safely. Also, you’ll want to use baby soap that won’t burn the eyes. And finally, parents should get involved, too. That’s right— it’s not summertime family fun until the grown-ups join the action.  

8. Camp Under the Stars

Got a tent? Set it up in the backyard. You’d be surprised at how exciting this will be for the kids. And if you’re able, start a small campfire, tell stories, and sing songs. You don’t need to travel to some faraway campground to make a few summer memories. The backyard is as good as ever.  

9. Outdoor Movie Night

What about a backyard movie night? Simply move the TV outside, lay blankets out on the lawn, and enjoy an outdoor cinematic experience like no other. Imagine watching Jurassic Park outdoors! You’ll surely bring any feature film to life by watching it from the backyard.  

10. Tackle a Home Project

Dads will love this idea. Tackle a home project together as a family. This can double as a teaching moment for the kids. They’ll learn the importance of planning, preparing, and executing a few home improvement activities. Teach them to paint. Let them drive a few screws. At the very least, they can hold the flashlight steady while you’re hard at work.  

Easy Summer Travel Ideas


11. Visit State and National Parks

As we mentioned, most state and national parks are free for visitors to explore. These areas are well kept for tourists to have a bit of summertime family fun. Start by checking out the state parks located near you. More than likely, your state has a website directory with each park, address, hours of operation, and activities. Start with the closest park, then work your way outward. Check out a few national parks, too, if they’re not too far away. You can find state parks in your area here.  

12. Visit a Farmers Market

Fresh produce, easy family fun, and supporting local businesses— what’s not to love about visiting a nearby farmers market? The lists a farmers market directory on their website. Or, check your local newspapers or Facebook groups to see what’s going on in your area. Farmers markets are a great experience for the whole family. There are usually a few free samples, along with delicious produce and foods freshly made by your neighbors.  

13. Visit Family in Another State

Do you have family that lives in another state nearby? Summer is a great time for taking road trips. And the best part about visiting family members is that they’ll usually allow you to stay a night or two for free. This can help ease the financial burden associated with traveling and family vacations. Plus, you’ll have your very own tour guide to help you discover all the local hotspots.  

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