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Holidays. Birthdays. Or other special celebrations, what is your go-to gift? For many of us, our minds automatically default to a gift card as the ideal gift for our recipient. And it is hardly a secret why that has become our default gift giving option. Especially as these gifts can be specially curated with our receiver in mind.

In a 2018 article by The Motley Fool [1], it cites the estimated gift card spending for that holiday season would total $27.6 billion dollars. This article also goes on to note that the average gift card value is $45. Not only are those numbers staggering, but also truly highlight the magnitude that gift cards have in our modern gift-giving landscape. Since this data was first published, the gift card industry has only grown, and the average gift card value has also increased. As has our own personal collection of gift cards.

It has been said that a gift card can be a gift that is very clearly tailored to the individual, or merely a one-size-fits-all approach that may or may not be that ideal fit.

When we receive gift cards that do not quite apply to our personal shopping habits or taste, we often find gift cards taking up space in our wallets or collecting dust in our junk drawers. This sentiment isn’t an isolated occurrence; far from it. Per a report from CNN in 2023 [2], Americans have a collective $21 billion in unspent gift cards.

That number is truly astonishing. But it also begs the question, what can you do with your unwanted and unused gift cards? What if we told you that you could sell your gift card for cash.

In today’s landscape we often need to find clever ways to get extra money. And being able to sell gift cards for cash can help you get some extra funds when you need it most. As Your One Stop Money Shop®, you can count on Check Into Cash to have all the smart money solutions you need- including buying unused gift cards!


The Benefits of Selling Your Gift Cards for Cash

A present that allows us to use it to whatever means we as so choose. Though often that means exchanging it for a good or services. Thanks to gift card services found at Check Into Cash, they can also be used as a form to get some extra cash. What better way to spare an unwanted gift card from the fate of being discarded or taking up space in your wallet that could be put to better use?

Are there benefits to being able to sell your gift card for cash?

  • Not Patronize The Business: Gift cards and how we use them often reflect our own spending habits, preferences, and tendencies. Despite some gift cards, such as Amazon gift cards, having a universal appeal, most gift cards are tied to specific retailers or restaurants. And perhaps they aren’t aligned with your own personal preferences, especially if the nearest location isn’t convenient for you. By opting to sell your gift card for cash, you can use the funds to support business you prefer.
  • Getting Around Gift Card Limitations: Though gift cards are handy ways to shop and pay for items, sometimes certain retailers or restaurants place specific and undisclosed limitations on uses of gift cards. From barring them from being used on specific items, discounted goods, ongoing sales promotions, or even time periods. You might knowingly attempt to make a transaction and find your valid gift card isn’t going to be able to be used. By selling your gift card for cash, you can navigate around these types of unforeseen headwinds.
    Gift Card Redundancy: In some cases, there might never be such a thing as too much of a good thing. We have all had those moments where someone ends up receiving the same item multiple times. Though there are occasions where this can be a benefit, there might come times when one might not be able to reasonably use all the presents- such as gift cards, fully. After all, you might love going to get ice cream every so often during summer nights, but you aren’t likely to use multiple gift cards to that same restaurant. But getting cash for selling gift cards can be just as rewarding.
    Extra Money For Other Endeavors: Does this scenario sound familiar? After getting your gift card and window shopping, you aren’t able to find anything you are looking for, or your item isn’t in stock. That exciting gift card can find itself homed in a place that isn’t likely to the light of day for some time. Rather than letting that unwanted gift card go to the wayside, you could sell your gift card for cash. You can get those extra funds and put them towards other endeavors. From making desired purchases, putting the money towards an experience, or even using it for bills and daily expenses. Or perhaps even put those funds aside to save them for a larger ticket item purchase.
    Padding Your Savings: When it comes to natural intent of gifting a gift card, the object is for the recipient to in fact spend the funds however they so please. But sometimes that intent is shifted by other priorities. Be that anticipating life events like a big move, or an addition to a family. This, along with other similar factors, might be enough to convince one to opt into taking the gift card cashing route. Selling your gift card for cash could provide unexpected funds for use.
    Needing Emergency Cash: Life happens, and there are times when everyone finds themselves in a position where they need money now. In those situations, you might be looking for smart and clever ways to get some extra cash. And getting cash for gift cards can provide extra funds.


How To Sell a Gift Card At Check Into Cash

There are many benefits to deciding to sell gift cards for cash. But by now you probably have some questions about how we here at Check Into Cash turn unwanted gift cards into cash. And honestly, the process is straightforward and quite easy.

At Check Into Cash, we can buy gift cards for cash from hundreds of retailers and restaurants. Including the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, Starbucks and more!

And as your ever dependable trusted national money service financial service provider. We have hundreds of locations of Check Into Cash stores located across the nation and likely one located in your very own neighborhood. In a few clicks, you can find a store near you!

After finding your nearest Check Into Cash, check on it with your unused gift cards and your government-issued photo ID. And then leave with cash in your hand! It really is as simple as 1-2-3.

*Some products & services may not be available at all locations. Not all cards are accepted. Rules & Fees Apply. See store for details.

[1] Maranjian, Selena (2018, Dec 12). 35 Things You Should Know About Gift Cards Retrieved from:

[2] Kavilanz, Parija (2023, Feb 23). Americans have a collective $21 billion in unspent gift cards Retrieved from:

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