Gift Cards for Cash Exchange with Dollar Bill and Red Bow

Learn How to Exchange Your Gift Cards for Cash

How many gift cards do you have in your purse or wallet? One? Eight? Gift cards have a tendency to ride along with you for months or even years without ever getting used. Perhaps your gift cards are for businesses that are 100 miles away. Who has time to travel so far out of town to use those gift cards? Or maybe you’re not able to use them because of quarantine restrictions. Or, maybe you’d just rather exchange your gift cards for cash.

Are you left wondering to yourself, “Who buys gift cards near me?” Well, look no further. Check Into Cash can help you exchange your gift cards for cash today.

What to Do With Those Unwanted Gift Cards?

If you’re holding onto gift cards because you don’t want to throw them in the trash, here’s some good news. With a quick trip to Check Into Cash, you can swap your gift card into good old-fashioned cash. By bringing them to your local store, you can transform unused cards into cash in just a few minutes.  

Can I Trade a Gift Card for Cash?

Of course, you can. At Check Into Cash, our knowledgeable customer service agents are ready to help you transform an unwanted gift card into cold, hard cash. Unlike the gift card you may never get to use, the cash you receive in our Gift Card Buy Back Program can be used at any store or restaurant. Because, well, it’s cash.  

How Does the Gift Card Buy Back Program Work?

Redeeming a gift card for cash is a simple process:

1. Bring gift cards to a nearby Check Into Cash store to see how much they’re worth.

2. Show your driver’s license.

3. Walk out with your cash in hand.

  Believe it or not, it’s that simple. There’s no hassle, and you don’t have to wait a day or longer to get your money. You get it right away. And when you find another gift card tucked away in your dresser, guess what? We’ll pay cash for that one, too.  

Which Gift Cards Can I Trade In For Cash?

We pay cash for gift cards and merchandise credits from most major retailers*, including but not limited to:
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Starbucks
  • Best Buy
  • Kohl’s
  • GameStop
  • And over 500 more retailers

Where Can I Trade Gift Cards for Cash Near Me?

Looking to unload those loaded gift cards? Don’t look any further than your local Check Into Cash location. Simply pop in to check and see what your cards are worth. It’s totally free, so what do you have to lose? Find the closest Check Into Cash store to you.  

Why Choose Check Into Cash Gift Card Exchange?

Check Into Cash provides the fastest, most secure way to redeem your gift cards for cash. Unlike online exchanges, we’ll put cash in your hand immediately, so there’s no waiting. And with our caring customer service agents, you get a complimentary smile with each transaction. We’ll guide you through the process, answering your questions every step of the way. So Check In at your local Check Into Cash and walk away with cash in hand today.   *Major retailers are not affiliated with Check Into Cash. Gift card purchase is not guaranteed, and the purchase amount will be lesser than the face value or existing balance on the gift card. We offer gift card exchange in over 600 locations. However, gift card exchange not available in Illinois, Mississippi, South Caroline, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Harriman, TN.

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