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At Check Into Cash, we treat our customers like they are part of the family. A great customer experience for our customers is important to us. Hear all the great things our customers are saying!


At Check Into Cash, we treat our customers like they are part of the family. Hear all the great things our customers are saying.

  • “Check Into Cash makes life easy when cash flow is short and you need a little extra cash to get you through! I highly recommend them!”
  • -Lisa M.
  • “I called first and spoke with Amanda, who walked me through the title loan process. I went to the center primarily because she was so helpful and informative and answered all my questions. Service was excellent and Amanda was very helpful and pleasant. I doubted I would have gone through with the loan if it had not been for Amanda.”
  • -Richard D.
  • “My name is Jennifer and I live in Lawrence, Kansas. Recently, I had to take out my first ever payday loan at Check Into Cash because I am struggling with bills. In October of 2010, I had to have surgery and then 5-6 months of occupational therapy. I have health insurance, but it did not cover all of the costs and left me with some extra expenses. That had taken its toll on me and I sought out a payday loan from Check Into Cash…I’ve never been happier!
  • -Jennifer S.
  • “Check Into Cash is convenient and easy— – awesome when you need cash fast.”
  • -Barbara B.
  • “I just wanted someone to know what a blessing Check Into Cash has been to me. I was ashamed and embarrassed about my situation and did not want to take out a loan but you do what you have to survive. I work full-time and am a graduate student on an also full-time basis. Check Into Cash made the process a positive experience.”
  • -Matthew C.
  • “I went to Check Into Cash and could not say enough about the excellent service, professionalism, courteousness and the fact that everyone was smiling.”
  • -David L.
  • “I have had loans with Check Into Cash in the past. They are great people – their staff is very nice. The loans are easy to pay back in the two week time frame. They are a great help out if your paycheck is a little short.”
  • -Sarah S.
  • “I got a title loan at Check Into Cash when a pipe burst in my house. They helped me through the loan process and made me feel good about getting the loan. It was easy to get the money I needed and my pipes were repaired in no time.”
  • -Adina S.
  • “I didn’t have good credit but when my husband fell off a roof while working and broke his heel bone, he wasn’t able to work much. We were in a really bad situation. Check Into Cash let me borrow $800 and I was able to keep a roof over my kids’ heads.
  • -Marie B.
  • “Thank you so much for your courteous and professional service at Check Into Cash. It was so easy for me to do the transaction. The employees were very nice. Thank you so much for everything that you did for me.”
  • -Nora D.

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