Texas Refinance

In Texas, Check Into Cash offers loan refinances, so you can pay off your principal at a later date. While we always encourage you to repay your original loan without refinancing, sometimes life has other plans. If you find yourself needing more time to pay off your loan, you can request a loan refinance.


Why Refinance?


Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. The car breaks down unexpectedly or an unforeseen bill arrives in the mail. Any number of causes could prevent you from paying off your original loan on time. Whatever the problem may be, don’t worry — refinancing may be an option.

How Does a Refinance Work?


Refinancing — also known as “renewing” or “rolling over” a loan — allows you to request additional funds to pay off your current loan on time. When you refinance, you pay the finance charge(s) on your original loan, and we use the additional funds to pay off your principal balance. Your due date is then renewed to your next pay date (typically in two weeks). On the new due date, the principal and interest on your renewal will be due.


Refinancing fulfills the obligations of your original loan on time, giving you extra time to budget. In some cases, this extra time can be the difference between peace of mind and falling behind.

How To Get A Refinance

Refinance Online

Log in to your account at least two business days prior to your loan’s due date and click the “Refinance” button in the dashboard.

Review and Sign

Choose how much you would like to pay down on your current loan, review and electronically sign your new loan documents.

Repay It

Make your regular payments according to the loan agreement and pay it back.

Refinance FAQs

Once logged in, you will be able to view your current and past (up 12 months) account statements. If you would like to receive a copy of statements that are older than 12 months, please contact us at 877-262-2274.

If you have any questions concerning your paperless statements, please contact us at 877-262-2274.

You may decide to receive paper statements at any time at no cost. Contact us to request paper statements at 877-262-2274.

Paperless statements are secure because we do not email you an actual statement. You are required to login to your secure and encrypted online account to be able to view your statement.

See All Refinance FAQs

Customer Notice - In Texas, Check Into Cash operates as a licensed credit access business (CAB). The actual lender is First Financial Loan Company, LLC., an unaffiliated third party, and their name will appear on your bank statement instead of Check Into Cash.


* In Texas, you are not required to pay down on your principal until after your fifth refinance. After your fifth refinance, you must pay $50 down or 10% of your original loan amount – whichever is greater.