Let's Walk Down Memory Lane Together

For over 25 years, Check Into Cash has been there for customers and neighborhoods across the country.

Step back in time with us! After all, memories are best shared together. So here are a few of our favorite throwback commercials over the years.

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Cash That Is Quick, Easy and Confidential

Our throwback message: The next time you need cash, think Check Into Cash. An easy, quick, and confidential way to make sure life’s unexpected expenses don’t derail your budget.

Need Money? It's Easy As 1-2-3

Our throwback message: Getting cash is as easy as 1-2-3 at Check Into Cash. Don’t get overwhelmed with bills. Instead, write a check and get the funds you need the same day.

When Something Unexpected Puts a Strain

Our throwback message: Checking account feeling strained after a sudden expense and in danger of being overdrawn? Rather than writing a check and hoping it doesn’t hit at the wrong time, write that check for Check Into Cash and get the cash you need— with no NSF fees.

Cash Low and Need Groceries? Check Into Cash!

Our throwback message: Is your cash low but you need groceries? What do you do? That’s easy— Check Into Cash! Get instant emergency cash for a flat fee, fast.

It's Like Gas For Your Check Book

Our throwback message: Unexpected expense has your checkbook riding on empty? What if filling up your checkbook as easy as filling up your gas tank? With Check Into Cash, it can be!

With a Few Clicks Get Quick Cash

Our throwback message: Need cash but don’t want to leave home? Just go to Checkintocash.com and get your money the next day! Getting the funds you need has never been easier.

Check Into A Cash Advance

Our throwback message: Get the quick cash you need with Check Into Cash. Your wallet will be singing as you walk out of your local Check Into Cash with funds in your pocket.

Flex Your Money Muscles!

Our throwback message: Flexible Loans are really making noise. Flex your money muscles by borrowing exactly what you need. Don’t flex your wallet— get a Flex Loan from Check Into Cash!

For Life's Little Emergencies Check In to Check Into Cash

Our throwback message: For life’s little emergencies, Check Into Cash has your back. Don’t let expenses weigh you and your budget down.

Car Trouble? No Problem with Check Into Cash

Our throwback message: Stressed about a broken engine? When the unexpected happens check in with Check Into Cash for peace of mind. With our Line of Credit, you can withdraw the cash you need to get back on the road.