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An Insider’s Guide to Help Prioritize Your Bills

Paying bills can be challenging from one month to the next. So, we’ve pulled together a guide to help prioritize your bills and make things a bit easier.
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5 Tips to Help Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Have no fear. You can conquer your credit cards. With a little discipline and diligence, take these tips to tackle your debt and pay off your credit card.
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5 Summertime Savings Tips to Keep Your Budget Cool

Looking for a few ways to spend a little less money this summer? We’ve got 5 summertime savings tips here to help you keep costs low this month and beyond.
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5 Ideas to Start a Side Business with Less Than $100

If you need some extra income, you may consider starting a side hustle to bring in more money. Here are 5 ideas to start a side business with less than $100.
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7 Smart Steps to Avoid Overdraft Fees

So, you’ve accidentally overdrawn your bank account and now you’re charged a hefty fee. Here are a few tactics to help you avoid overdraft fees going forward.
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20 Proven Ways to Spend Less Money and Save More

Handling your debt burden requires you to spend less money and save more. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. Here’s some practical advice.
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Can’t Afford Childcare? Here are 9 Tips for Working Parents

What can you do if you can’t afford childcare? After all, it’s expensive. We’ve outlined 9 helpful suggestions here along with options for financial assistance.
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Credit Card Application Denied? Here’s What to Do Immediately

Trying to understand why your credit card application was denied? Here’s some information about credit card rejection and a few tips to strengthen your credit.
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Try These 5 Top Tech Apps for Managing Money Smarter

Do you use tech apps for smarter money managing? You can track your spending, create budgets, and set financial goals on the go— all within these FREE apps.
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How to Save Money on a Low Income: 7 Simple Suggestions

Building up your rainy-day fund takes patience and perseverance. But it’ll pay off in the long run. Ready to find out how you can save money on a low income?
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Carry the Olympic Torch 🔥The Tokyo Olympics are soon underway. But there's another event worth watching. It's our Go For Gold Giveaway. Prizes include:🥉Bronze = $250🥈Silver = $500🥇Gold = $750Enter every day until July 31 here: apply; see rules for details.) ... See MoreSee Less
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🙎🏽‍♀️ Everyone is human. And everyone needs help from time to time.Accidents happen. Bills pile up. Things aren't always easy. Life happens fast. But luckily, Check Into Cash is fast too. Get started at ... See MoreSee Less
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👋🏽 CONGRATS Cindy W. from Costa Mesa, CA“This is so awesome! Thanks so much. Like so many other unemployed folks, this will help so much! I love entering sweepstakes, and even more... love it when I win! Thanks again!”She was one of the lucky winners of our Earth Day Every Day Giveaway from April 2021. #WinBigWednesday ... See MoreSee Less
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