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Women and Retirement: Start Saving Now!

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If you are a woman living in America, you need to start saving for retirement. Although retirement savings concern all Americans, women in particular need to increase their savings. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Females And Traditional Roles. Women, in general, are in and out of the workforce throughout their professional lives more often than men, mainly because of their traditional roles as mothers and caregivers. If you fit this profile (at some point, most women do), living up to those roles makes a big difference in how much money you’re able to put into retirement savings plans. It affects the benefits you get from employers and lowers Social Security and pension benefits as well.
  • Approach to Retirement. Whether women are less money-oriented is highly debatable; however, experts have found that women’s views of retirement often differ significantly from their male counterparts. According to a recent survey, women think of retirement in terms of lifestyle more than in terms of money, while men focus on a certain dollar amount they have to reach. This gives men, on average, double the savings that women manage to put away for retirement.
  • Income And Life Expectancy. Whether you like it or not, numbers don’t lie: women make some 0.70 cents on every dollar that men make. Put plainly, women have less income to work with. Their expenses, necessities, savings, and bills have to be funded from lower earnings than those of men and for longer periods of time (women live five years longer than men on average).

Rather than forgoing your childbearing and caregiver roles, engage in financial programs and benefits once you are back on the job; continue contributing to retirement plans and towards a personal savings account. Being out of the workforce, for whatever reason, should not mean your savings should stop — saving is always the best retirement plan.

Keep an alternative financial source of funds that allows you to cope with difficult or unexpected situations. Online payday loans provide you with enough cash to quickly take care of emergency expenses. Payday loans are deposited into your personal bank account about 24 hours after you apply, which makes them a great emergency cash option for unexpected scenarios — both now and during retirement.

If you feel like your retirement savings plan could use some work, a good first step is to set concrete financial goals for yourself to reach. Having a lifestyle plan is great, but combining it with a set financial goal is even better. Lastly, embrace every opportunity to increase your retirement income. That way you’ll be able to live fully without worrying about running out of savings during your golden years.

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