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One-Week to Organizing Your Finances

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Do you feel completely overwhelmed when you think about organizing your finances? You’re not alone. Financial planning can be intimidating for many people. With a few simple tools, however, you can be well on your way to living debt-free. Check out this one-week guide to organizing your finances!

Day 1: Create a Budget

You may say “Im already on a budget” but today I want you to sit down and write out a NEW budget (your budget should be revisited every month) which will spend every penny of your paycheck! This is called a zero balance budget. If you are paid differently each payday, you can still create a budget. This is called “irregular income planning”. With this plan, you will prioritize your spending by importance. So if you get paid $2000 this payday, you will spend the $2000 right down your list of importance until its gone. For the irregular income budget form, go {here}.You can learn more about cash flow planning & budgeting at My challenge is going to be very basic, enough to introduce you to financial organization and get you on the road to financial peace. Once you have completed your budget, place it in your home management binder (for now).

Dave Ramsey says “Every single dollar of your income should be allocated to some category”. When you are done with your cash flow planning (detailed budget), your income minus expenses should equal zero. That means, if you have money left over after budgeting, it needs to go to savings (or somewhere).

To track your spending for the next 6 days, all you have to do is carry a little notepad with you. Write down EVERYTHING that you spend… coffee, gas, food, etc… This is going to show you exactly where your money is going.

A few great places to find budget forms are:
Clean Mama Printables

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