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Tip #3: Make Extra Money

For some of you, you might find that budgeting and cutting back aren’t enough. You need more money coming in, so what is there to do?

1. Get a part time job.
See where you can get a part time or a weekend job in your area. There are several ridesharing services you could work for that allow you to make your own schedule. You can go the more traditional route and go retail, and there are always options online for work-at-home gigs. Whatever fits your situation, you have options.

2. Utilize cash back apps and rewards cards.
There are several apps that give you cash back for purchases you already need to make. Does your local grocery store offer a rewards card? Use it every time you shop to be rewarded with discounts.

3. Sell items from around your home.
The New Year is a great time to do some deep cleaning at home. Do you have items around your home that you want to get rid of? Use an online marketplace to sell them! It’s a win-win! Rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in 12-months, out it goes. Be brutal. Get a friend to help with these decisions – they don’t have the attachment to that one yellow shirt you do. Reduce clutter and make money at the same time!

4. Sell your gift cards.
Throughout the year you may have gotten gift cards to places you’ll never use. Instead of letting that money go to waste, sell them to us! Check into Cash buys unwanted gift cards. As long as it’s from a major retailer, and has a minimum balance of at least $20, bring it on in and walk out with cash.

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Writing a check, buying a stamp, and heading to your local post office just to pay a bill? Save time and skip the long post office lines. Take care of your bill pay at your local Check Into Cash and get back to life that much faster. Rules & Fees Apply. See store for details ... See MoreSee Less
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