Tip #2: See Where You Can Cut Back

Now that you have outlined a budget, the next thing to do is to see where you can cut expenses back. This is a good idea regardless if you have a surplus or a shortage of funds. Maybe you’re paying for a cable package you never watch, or you’re using too much energy and could cut back on your electricity bill. It’s a good idea to look at these expenses several times throughout the year so you’re not throwing money down the drain. Here are a few ways you can cut back: 1. Sell a vehicle. Are you holding onto a vehicle that’s sitting in the driveway? If you don’t drive it, consider selling it. Paying for a vehicle registration annually and car insurance monthly might not be worth it. 2. Carpool to work. Suggest to a coworker who lives in the same area as you, to carpool. It can save on gas, plus you’ll be doing a good thing for the environment. 3. Reduce Electricity Costs. Did you know that some electronics still use electricity when they’re plugged in, even if they’re not on? This is a good time to create a habit of unplugging electronics when they’re not in use. You can also adjust your thermostat by setting it a little cooler in the winter, and a little warmer in the summer. But before you do that, ensure your home is sealed correctly; you could be letting money slip through the cracks unknowingly. Talk to your electric company about a free inspection. 4. Cancel unused memberships/subscriptions. When was the last time you used that gym membership? Do you need two music streaming services? How about the 3 video streaming platforms you use? Now is the time to really see how often you use these services and start trimming back. If you don’t remember the last time you used it, cancel it. You’re not missing it. 5. Cut back on going out. This is probably one of the best ways to save money. Don’t eat out and limit entertainment that costs money. No doubt there’s tons of options where you live that allows you to have fun with your loved ones for free. Check your local community calendar, you might find some fun ideas. Be creative, not expected.

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