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Consignment Shopping: Big Apple Style!

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Thinking of frugality and style at the same time may seem like an oxymoron. After all, designer brands have been known to display unbelievably high price tags that only the wealthy and famous can afford. And those proud of living on less are seldom seen shopping for $1,000 boots; they’re more likely to repair their old, low-cuff winter boots to wear for another season.

But what about the frugal chic — those of us who love a great designer item but are also committed to not spend extravagant amounts of money? This may seem like an impossible combination, but with a little know-how and creativity, there are some easy ways to make your fashion dollars go further.

Know Where to Shop

Consignment shops offer fashion-driven people a way to get the best of both worlds. Go online and search for designer consignment shops, and you’ll soon find the addresses of several high-end consignment shops. From mid-range to high-end, these shops have earned a reputation for selling an assortment of designer brand apparel and accessories at great prices. As one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York has lots to offer. You get both high-quality goods and a high-end shopping experience, and best of all, reduced price tags. Of course, every great frugal fashionista has their favorite spots — it’s up to you to discover what treasures these stores have hidden for you.

How to Make a Buck

Preferred high-end consignment shops are sought after because of the brands they sell; however, the moneymaking potential is also a benefit you might want to look into. Consignment shops also offer to buy designer brands from you, provided they’re in mint condition. While not all stores offer the same percentage for the garments you have to sell, high-end designer goods can bring anywhere from 30-55% of the retail price the store assigns to the piece. If you want cash for your items, chances are the percentages will be lower than if you’re willing to take store credit. With store credit, you’ll have to spend your credit at that specific store, and you’ll be limited to a specified timeframe in which to spend those consignment dollars.

Save Without Blending In

Keep your personal style and your finances working for you. Shopping consignment stores with high-end designer pieces can be as much fun as searching through the latest collection at Macy’s, and it’s cheaper too! You want to be able to use your money wisely without foregoing the little things that bring pleasure into your life. As long as there’s enough cash to cover your monthly bills and a little extra to put towards savings, your wardrobe can continue being fabulous.

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