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Western Union

For all your money transfer needs

  • Available at most Check Into Cash locations
  • Money transfer services
  • Money order services

Western Union®

Most of our Check Into Cash stores now offer Western Union® money services. You can purchase money orders and transfer money anywhere in the world, safely and quickly.

Our money transfers make sending or receiving money easier and more convenient than ever. With Western Union® Money Transfer Services, send money fast to over 345,000 Western Union® locations in the United States or even around the world. Funds may be picked up at these participating Western Union® agent locations throughout the nation and world.

We also have money orders available for your convenience and safety. Money orders from Check Into Cash through Western Union® are a great way for customers to make purchases and pay bills quickly without the unneeded expense of maintaining a checking account.

Money orders also provide a safe, easy, and reliable way to distribute money to friends and family because Western Union® money order payment tools are recognized and accepted throughout the United States and many foreign countries.

The only thing you’ll need to use Check Into Cash’s Western Union® services are a government-issued photo identification card and a few Western Union® forms which are available in all of our Check Into Cash locations*.

* For transfers over $3,000, we will need your date of birth, Social Security Number and occupation.

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